Winter Light

The leaves may have fallen, but the Miracle Garden's trees are glowing with light. Thanks to the generous gift of electrical power provided by our friends at Weinstein Realty Group. Gail (mom) and Alan (son) Weinstein are the 3rd and 4th generations to manage their family-owned properties in the neighborhood, including the buildings on Avenue B with backyards that abut the garden.

We're not on NYC's power grid, so the Weinstein family's kindness—and an extremely long extension cord—allowed us to decorate the garden and shed some light on these dark winter eves.

So as you wait for the crocuses to bloom, take a stroll by the garden one evening and appreciate our wintery landscape. We'll leave a light on for you.

Alan Weinstein at 30 Avenue B, 2013
Philip Stein and Donald Stein--1st and 2nd Generation--
at 28 Avenue B, 1952
28-34 Avenue B, 1939
Miracle Garden, January 2013
Miracle Garden, January 2013
Miracle Garden, January 2013


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