Marco's Excellent Adventure

Following a three-week exploration of the neighborhood, Marco has returned home. Marco's roommate Megan blanketed mailboxes, lampposts and call boxes with "Lost Cat" posters, and a neighbor let her know that Marco was seen picking up the zen vibes of The Miracle Garden.

Megan spent hours in the garden, hoping to lure Marco home with a meal, but this elusive kitten could not be persuaded to leave his new-found paradise. After a garden member's citing one evening, Megan set her humane trap and safely brought Marco home early the next morning.


"It was a long twenty-three days while he was missing. I was very lucky he had the safety of the garden to live."

The vet gave him a thumbs up, which could not be reciprocated, and Marco is now happy at home sleeping on his pillow and recovering from his adventure. We think the Miracle Garden is a perfect spot to get away from it all, and Marco seems to agree.


Anonymous said…
So happy 😃

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