Garden Residents (Part I)

A once empty lot is now home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Generations of Miracle Gardeners have collaborated to create a unique environment--an oasis not only for humans but also for the native and migrating species of natural New York.

This is the first installment of an ongoing endeavor by garden member Kate O’Donovan-Cook to document the residents of Miracle Garden.

Both flamboyant and adaptable, daylilies have been dubbed ‘the perfect perennial.’ Native to Asia, they’ve been hybridized to include a wide variety of characteristics: scented blooms, ruffled edges, and numerous colors. The flower of the genus typically lasts for a 24-hour period blooming in the morning and giving way to another bloom the next day.

Hosta Bloom and Pollinator

Hosta is a genus representing more than two dozen species of plants native to Asia. They act as excellent ground cover and are shade tolerant. They are also edible.
Shamrock Bulb

Also known as ‘good-luck plant’ or ‘iron cross,’ shamrock bulbs are a favorite of the Miracle Gardeners.

Blue Jay
The scoundrel of the garden, our blue jay makes his presence known! Dive-bombing and other aggressive territorial acts let us know our friend is happy and at home in the Miracle Garden.
Photos and captions by Kate O'Donovan-Cook


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