Echoing Green's Solstice Garden Party

Echoing Green hosted its annual Social Investment Council Summer Solstice fundraiser in the beautiful Miracle Garden on June 20. This non-profit organization invests in young social entrepreneurs who are working to solve the world's biggest problems in fields such as education, poverty alleviation, healthcare, and the environment.

On this particularly balmy night, over 100 people gathered to learn about how Echoing Green supports its change-makers and the field of social innovation. Live jazz cabaret was performed by Michelle Samuels and Sigmund's pretzels were enjoyed by all.

With a mission that is close to our hearts, we've highlighted a few of this year's projects that focus on food, agriculture, and the environment: Farm Commons provides affordable legal services to organic farmers; Fight for Light empowers black college students to be environmental leaders in their communities; and Stockbox Grocers, a small-format foodstore, brings fresh produce and grocery staples to urban food deserts. Bravo!

We believe positive change is only possible when you live boldly, taking responsibility for finding your unique role in making the world a better place.
--Echoing Green

Photos courtesy of Echoing Green


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