Seeking Urban Utopias

by Robert S. Johnson
“Urban Utopia” is a perfect description of the Miracle Garden, so we were pleased to be visited by students from this International Center of Photography class and their professor Jade Doskow.

“When I was developing this class for ICP, my primary interest was in finding places of great peace and beauty that were deeply part of New York but definitely not the typical notion of 'green' in the city. I was aware of the community gardens in the East Village but did not realize their immense beauty as far as varieties of plant life, the lushness of the gardens, and the wonderful visual contrast between what lay within the garden walls and the neighborhood right outside.”

Urban Utopia highlights the contrast between the hard geometry of the city and the softness of new vegetation. In addition to photographing East Village gardens, the class also visited the High Line, the Gowanus Canal, and green rooftops in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

“The class devoted to the community gardens was about finding these secret bits of wilderness within the greater city, and showing a visual paradox or contrast within the students' individual photographs. The variety of murals, landscaping, garden furniture, decorations and hand-made signs and other small details and the huge variety of plant life made for excellent photography in this regard.”

Thanks to Jade and her class for sharing their photos with us.

“I think it is incredible how vibrant these gardens are, and it is such an amazing and enriching part of the city. Especially in New York where nobody ever has time, to see the dedication of the members of these gardens is incredibly inspiring.”
—Jade Doskow

by Jade Doskow

by Danielle L. Goldstein
by Robert S. Johnson
by Robert S. Johnson
by Jade Doskow


Brooks said…
Lovely photos and a beautiful space...thank you for working to preserve this NY oasis!
Anonymous said…
Such a lovely spot to reflect.

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